Newletters - How to Bulk Unsubscribe Email Addresses that Have Bounced

How to bulk unsubscribe email addresses that have bounced.

Open the Campaign


From the Dashboard Menu

  1. Click on E-Mail Marketing
  2. Click on E-Mail Campaigns
  3. Then click on the name of the Campaign for which you would like the view a list of bounced emails.

Click on the 'Email Addresses that Bounced' Link


To Unsubscribe a Subset of Addresses:

To unsubscribe a subset of the bounced email addresses, select the customers from the list, and

  1. Click Bulk Actions
  2. Then click on Unsubscribe

To Unsubscribe All Bounced Emails:

  1. Click on Bulk Actions.
  2. Then click on Unsubscribe All.
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