How to Add Copyright Content Holder to an Email Campaign Template

How to create a content holder for copyright information and insert the content holder into an template for your email campaign.

Find the information You Want to Change


Most templates will come with sample copyright info that you will want to change.

Open the Content Holder Creation Panel


From the Dashboard menu click on

  1. Site Manager
  2. Content holders

Create a New Content Holder


Click on the grey Add Content Holder button in the Content Holders panel.

Add the Content You Would Like to Appear in the Content Holder


  1. In the Name text field, add a name for your content holder.
  2. in the Content Holder Content area fill in your copyright information.
  3. Please note that you can also format the text in the same ay you would with a blog post. Here I have centered the copyright information by selecting it and then click on the 'centered' icon.

Save Your Content Holder


Click on the blue Save button.

Insert the Content Holder into Your Email Campaign.


First click on the E-Mail Marketing link on the Dashboard Menu, then click on E-Mail Campaigns.

Click on the Content Tab


Delete the old copyright information


After you have deleted the sample copyright information, click and add the cursor where you would like your new content holder to be.

Add the Content Holder from the Modules in the Toolbox


On the right-hand side of the content window you will see the Toolbox.

  1. Click on the Modules button to make sure it is highlighted to open the odules tab.
  2. Click on Site Modules - a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Click on Content Holder from the Site Modules drop-down menu.

Insert the Content Holder Module


  1. Choose your Copyright Conent Holder that you created earlier from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the blue Insert button.

The Content Holder is Now Inserted


You wilkl now see the code for your Content Holder in place. Don't panic! It won't look like this when you send it. You can preview your template and content before you send your campaign.

Preview your Email Campaign


To see what your campaign will look like with the content holder in place click on the Preview and Send tab.

Check Your Content Holder


You will now see in the preview window your new copyright content holder as it will be seen by your campaign subscribers.

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